Van Vliet Lake Association

  Clean Boats, Clean Waters Introduction



Clean Boats, Clean Waters is a volunteer watercraft inspection program intended to educate boaters on aquatic invasive species and how to prevent their spread between lakes.  Inspectors work at public boat landings and talk to boaters about prevention procedures to stop aquatic hitchhikers.  Clean Boats, Clean Waters is a cooperative effort between the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources: , the University of Wisconsin Extension: ,  and the volunteers who work to make the program a success.

The Van Vliet Lake Association would like to join the Clean Boats, Clean Waters program by recruiting and training volunteers to work at our boat landing. Click here to read a letter about the plan.

Please let us know if you are interested in helping with this program.  We will be organizing training sessions for people who can volunteer one or several two hour shifts at the boat landing this summer.  We need a person to submit the inspection reports to the DNR website.  Finally, we need folks willing to help with the recruiting and organizing of volunteer schedules.  Click here to send us an email that you can help.


In 2009, we monitored the landing on 9 different days for a total of 61 credited hours (number of people staffing the landing times the number of hours).  There were 55 boats inspected and we had 17 volunteers help with the program.

In 2010, we staffed the landing for the entire spring walleye tournament and had some coverage for each day of the fall musky tournament.  We also monitored the landing on 5 other days for a total of 11 days, 63 hours, 70 boats, and 10 volunteers.

In 2011, we staffed the landing on 13 days for 74 credited hours.  We had 12 volunteers who inspected 59 boats.

In 2012, we staffed the landing on 11 days for 71.5 credited hours.  We had 8 volunteers who inspected 68 boats.

In 2013, we staffed the landing on 14 days for 88.75 credited hours.  We had 11 volunteers who inspected 95 boats.
We also had student interns staff the landing for 50 hours and inspect 38 boats.

In 2014, we staffed the landing on 12 days for 67.25 credited hours.  We had 10 volunteers who inspected 52 boats.
We also had a student intern staff the landing for 50 hours.