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What’s Going On With the Lake Level On Van Vliet Lake?

Van Vliet Lake levels were certainly a topic of conversation for many of us last Spring and Summer in 2023.

Are you interested in learning more about VanVliet Lake level fluctuations?

There are several ongoing research initiatives on northern Wisconsin Lakes that you may find both fascinating and educational on the subject.   Attached are links to two articles and a lake level graph to get you started on being better informed.

So, in 2024 what lake level should we expect this Spring when the ice goes out?  Read more to find out.

What’s Up With Wisconsin’s Water Levels? | WXPR

2023 LLM Report Van Vliet Lake

Wake Boats

The Van Vliet Lake Association takes a firm stance against the use of Wake Boats on Van Vliet Lake.  The attached link is a presentation on the harm done by wake boats by Jeff Meessmann, a member of The Last Wilderness Alliance.


Summer 2023 Clean Boats Clean Waters at VanVliet Lake

Once again, the Van Vliet Lake Association is sharing in the great work of the summer interns from the North Lakeland Discovery Center to help protect the clean water of our lake.

The interns will be frequenting the boat launch area to speak with boaters on their initiatives of water monitoring, surveying and the management of aquatic plants, and the invasive species that are threatening the Wisconsin lakes.


Click on the Attached Link below to view the impressive “bios” of the interns involved.

Should you have a chance to meet these young people, please greet them with a welcoming conversation and a big THANK YOU for their work and for spending time at our lake.

Summer Interns Staff Bios



Please make sure you have on your calendar for 2024;

The annual Van Vliet Lake Association meeting is scheduled for Saturday, July 13, 2024 at the Pipke Park shelter in Presque Isle and will start at 10 a.m.  We are pleased to announce that Wisconsin Naturalist and Author, John Bates will be our guest speaker at this meeting.

Slow-No-Wake Rules


The Town of Presque Isle has an ordinance that prohibits any motorboat from operating faster than slow-no-wake speed within 200 feet of any lake shoreline.  Click the link below to read the details.

Several years ago, the VVLA posted this map at our landing to give people a visual image of what that means on our lake.  Take a moment to look at the map and get a sense of where the 200 foot line is along the shoreline.

Code of Ordinances: Chapter 500, Subchapter 501 – Motorboats


Shoreline Lighting

Our annual meeting by email has concluded and minutes are posted.  There was a question raised about the rules for shoreline lighting.

Many of us enjoy  the opportunity to live in an area where the stars can be viewed and lights from neighboring homes are kept to a minimum.  Presque Isle has an ordinance describing what is allowed for outdoor lighting.  Please review the document and consider whether you are in compliance with the town rules.

 Code of Ordinances, Subchapter 404, Lighting Ordinance