Clean Boats Clean Waters (CBCW)

Clean Boats, Clean Waters is a watercraft inspection program intended to educate boaters on aquatic invasive species and how to prevent their spread between lakes.  Inspectors work at public boat landings and talk to boaters about prevention procedures to stop aquatic hitchhikers.

Clean Boats, Clean Waters is a cooperative effort between the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources: , the University of Wisconsin Extension, and the inspectors who work to make the program a success.

The VVLA started a volunteer effort at the landing in the summer of 2009.  Since 2013, the association has also partnered with Big Lake on a WDNR grant to obtain 50 hours of inspections at our landing each summer using college student interns.  In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic meant there were no interns.  Our grant has been rolled over to 2021.

Year Days Hours Boats Volunteers
2021 intern5026
2019 intern5037
2018 intern5031
2017 intern5027
2016 intern5035
2015 intern5032
2014 intern5044
2013 intern5038